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Ulpi Gonzalez

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Ulpi Gonzalez - Photography and Paintings

Spending her early childhood in the lovely Spanish land of La Vera and
growing up in Paris was an ideal way for Ulpi’s artistic mind development.
She studied at the Schools of Art in Madrid and Granada and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design.

After moving to the United States in 1991 and working as a Spanish tutor for
many years, Ulpi decided to dedicate herself to her true passion: Creating Art.
She enrolled in several courses and workshops in photography that further
helped her develop her artistic skills and talent. She also participated in the
365project by entering a photo a day for a year. Her first solo show on this
project was in 2012.

Ulpi has been participating regularly in Art Shows and Gallery Walk. She has been part of the Iowa City Eastside Artists since 2016. She is currently working in a new series of abstract paintings and photography. She lives in Iowa City with her husband Jose. She has two grown children Miguel and Irene. She volunteers at the Free Clinic and works as a French and Spanish Interpreter for the Iowa City School District.

As an artist, I am constantly seeking to create an abstract image. The lens of my camera takes me to places I would never have imagined I could see. I shape the composition with sensibility, until I arrive at a maximum level of beauty.

"My images are the result of an intimate, solitary and personal process that is creativity."

Each one of my images tells a unique story. I make these choices of a moment and a place. I transpose these images into my world of color, shape, balance and perfect composition. Each work serves an abstract interpretation of myself. I use my camera, my brushes and my paint to create a message regarding beauty that I leave up to the viewer to interpret.​

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

Edgar Degas

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