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Emily Jalinsky


Emily Jalinsky - Mixed Media Printmaker

Emily Jalinsky uses her studio practice as a means to explore visual representations of changing mental states such as depression, anxiety, and exhaustion. Through implementing mindfulness, repetition, and ritual into her studio practice, she brings the feelings of each piece into a state of contemplation and stillness. She represents sensations in the body and surrounding spaces through semi-abstract organic forms and repetitive patterns. Throughout different bodies of work, she uses lichen, a slow growing symbiotic organism, as a symbol of resilience and continual growth. Most recently, since the birth of her daughter, Emily’s work brings hyper-awareness to the swings of the mind and body in relationship to the tender and taxing stages of early motherhood.

In her practice, Emily primarily works on paper in varying printmaking and mixed media processes. She specializes in intaglio copper etching and implements other mediums such as collage, watercolor, embroidery, and drawing. Pieces are often layered together to create larger compositions, assemblages, and installations. She works as a process-based artist, allowing each layer to inform the next while working between multiple pieces and series at a time. Often pieces are in process for months or sometimes years before being completed or incorporated into a larger work. Her intuitive process and focus on materiality and arranging carries over into how the works are presented and installed.

Individual pieces and gallery exhibitions are conceptually designed to prompt a moment of focus and stillness. The overall effect invokes quiet contemplation due to the subtle colors and tenderness within the work. However, even with the delicate sensibility brought by the artist, imbedded throughout is evidence of the shaky hand, dark overwhelms, unburdening, and the fervent need for nature and ritual as a source for solitude.

Emily Jalinsky is a mixed media printmaker, educator, and arts organizer. She received a BFA in printmaking from the University of Kansas in 2012 with an emphasis in intaglio etching and expanded media. She is the Program Coordinator for the Iowa City Press Co-op, an educational, community-access printmaking and book arts studio at the contemporary art center, Public Space One, Iowa City, IA. She was one of three artists selected for the Iowa Women’s Art Exhibit at the State Capital, Des Moines, IA, 2017. Emily has exhibited in numerous exhibitions, most recently solo exhibitions at CSPS Hall, Cedar Rapids, IA, and the Stanley Museum of Art, Iowa City, IA, 2019. Permanent Collections include the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics and a new UI Mood Disorder’s Clinic specialized treatment center for depression. 

Through implementing mindfulness, repetition, and ritual into her studio practice, each piece is brought into a state of contemplation and stillness.

She is passionate about affordable community-access art education, teaching at various institutions, including children’s classes inspired by exhibitions at the Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, KS and currently teaching printmaking workshops and private lessons at the Iowa City Press Co-op. Collaborating with other artists is a staple in Emily’s art practice. She most recently contributed to the multidisciplinary Parentskins project by Emilia White and on behalf of the Iowa City Press Co-op, coordinated, participated in (and folded) a 300 limited edition poster handout for the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art exhibition “Pollinators” now exhibiting at the Figge Art Museum, Davenport, IA.

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