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Ansel Cummings

Ansel Cummings - Whatnottery

Ansel is an artist with a wide range of interests and talents, which are reflected in the numerous creations he brings into the world; paintings, drawings, screenprinting, digital art, beekeeping, and hot sauce production. 

As a self-taught artist, I’ve found the processes of creation to be deeply personal, providing experiences of self-reflection and understanding. Fascinated by the harmonious patterns found in the natural world around me, the colors, shapes, textures, and flavors can be found reflected within my varied endeavors. Largely working on small scale designs, precision and tiny details are paramount in my creations. My work is all done by hand, requiring great focus to maintain the intricacy required. The process of such intense focus becomes much of a meditation for me, in which the world beyond disappears, leaving only the interplay between myself and the art of creation.

Fascinated by the harmonious patterns found in the natural world.... Grateful for the people and places I've experienced in my life....

Much like the world around us, my creations and interests are always growing and shifting through the years; seemingly unrelated, though connected through myself and life experiences. I’ve worked with many forms of media; sculpting with clay, detailed mandalas drawn by hand with only with pen and paper, screen-printing on clothing, small-scale paintings, large-scale art installations, and even the culinary arts. Grateful for the people and places I’ve experienced in my life, everything I design and craft comes from a place of wanting to create and share new pieces of tasteful beauty with this world that has so inspired and shaped me.

My smile is stuck. I cannot go back to your Frownland.

Captain Beefheart

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